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This podcast, hosted by Shanequa E. Moore, elevates local voices through open conversations with leaders, educators, policymakers, political leaders, religious leaders, rising leaders, and law enforcement to shed light on issues that communities in Atlanta, Georgia face. It addresses topics, such as leadership, business, mental health, parenting, poverty, race, civic engagement, justice, social work, and more. Since 2013, Shanequa’s nonprofit, I’RAISE Girls & Boys International, has been on the ground transforming the way children & families of color are seen, heard, and treated. From pain to triumph, we seek to capture the “behind the scenes” experiences of ATL community members and collectively re-imagine an Atlanta community that represents a place of equity, power, and prominence for Black children and families.

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3 days ago

Kim Scott, the Executive Director of Georgia WAND, speaks with host Shanequa Moore about how environmental justice impacts not only the economy but also communities. Kim also shares everyday tips that anyone can implement for environmental justice.
She is also working towards an Environmental Justice Act that would be the first in the state of Georgia. Listen to find out more!
Learn more at www.gawand.org
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How to Discover Yourself

Friday Nov 24, 2023

Friday Nov 24, 2023

Nathalie Ellis, founder of ESTEEM Counseling and Consulting Services, LLC, speaks with host Shanequa Moore about her book, "Where is My Daddy: A Boy's / Girl's Guide to Grieving an Absent Parent" and how an absent parent impacts a child's perception of life and themselves. She also shares mental health tips for going through life. Don't miss this eye-opening, yet relatable episode!
Learn more at esteemcounselingservices.com
Purchase the book on Amazon.com
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Shaping Your Narrative

Friday Oct 27, 2023

Friday Oct 27, 2023

Shanequa Moore is joined by B. Chloe Cleaves, Visual Brand Architect and Lead Designer at The Chloe Branding Company, to talk about disrupting narratives, branding, and Chloe's story.
Chloe shares her story, which includes how she became a stylist, her STEM background, and how she started her marketing company. She also shares branding tips and the difference between branding and campaign photos.
Learn more about Chloe at www.thechloebranding.com or follow The Chloe Branding Company on Instagram or Facebook.
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Finding Your Voice to Advocate

Thursday Oct 19, 2023

Thursday Oct 19, 2023

Sherrell Byrd returns as our guest to talk about what she and her team have been working on since we spoke last. They have been advocating for the people of Georgia in the areas of medical debt, voting, activism, Medicaid unwinding, and helping others use their voice to advocate for themselves. Sherrell shares that legislation around medical debt passed after they went to D.C. to advocate.
Learn more about Sherrell and SOWEGA Rising at sowegarising.org
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Mental Healing through Food

Saturday Oct 14, 2023

Saturday Oct 14, 2023

Chef Camelia Forte shares with host Shanequa Moore the impact of food on mental wellness and the role it can play in other areas of life. Camelia also shares the high and low moments of her inspiring story of perseverance, loss, and food as a chef and a flight attendant.
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Contact Chef Camelia Forte to book her services at Camelia.Forte@yahoo.com or text 916-538-4520.

Friday Sep 08, 2023

Shanequa Moore is joined once again by Leroy Tre' Hutchins as they discuss what he is doing as a Cobb County School District Board of Education member to improve opportunities for youth and the impact of policy on education. They also discuss Critical Race Theory, challenges teachers face, and tips for parents and kids return to school.
Did you know they opened a new middle school?
Learn more about I'RAISE at www.iraiseinc.org
Learn more about Tre' Hutchins and the Cobb County School District at www.cobbk12.org
Find and follow Leroy Hutchins on social media.
Leroy (Tre') Hutchins has been a resident of Cobb County for nearly 35 years, attending grade schools in Cobb County and graduating from Pebblebrook High School and the Cobb County Center for Excellence in the Performing Arts in 1994. He is an advocate for public schools and can be found serving our area South Cobb schools in many capacities. Currently, Tre' currently serves on the Cobb County School District Board of Education for Post 3, representing schools in Mableton, Austell and Powder Springs. Tre’ serves on several Boards which include Georgia PTA, Austell Community Taskforce (ACT), South Cobb Council of PTA, Bryant Elementary PTA, and more. South Cobb is my village! There's no better place for me to raise my family than in greater South Cobb."

Friday Sep 01, 2023

“The words you speak will last a lot longer than any amount of money you can leave behind. What kind of legacy will your words create for you?” ~ Ashley Witcher
Shanequa Moore speaks with writer and publisher Ashley Witcher about what it was like to write her first book and be the victor versus the victim of her story. As the owner of a boutique publishing company, called The Write Legacy LLC , Ashley shares advice for anyone who has been called to writing.
Learn more about Ashley Witcher at www.thewritelegacy.com
Learn more about Shanequa Moore and I'RAISE at www.iraiseinc.org

Friday Aug 25, 2023

In this episode, Shanequa Moore interviews Pastor and single father Brian Foster about how his relationship with his father influences his relationship with his son. Shanequa and Brian also discuss the impact of a father's absence on a child's development. Brian shares how the church can fill in the gaps of those without a present father.
Listen to the end to hear Brian singing!
Find Brian J. Foster on Facebook and @deliveranceinworkshop on Instagram.
Learn more about I'RAISE at iraiseinc.org.

Ep. 30: The Power of Purpose

Thursday Aug 17, 2023

Thursday Aug 17, 2023

In this episode, host Shanequa Moore speaks with Thomas E. Williams III, also known as Williams_TheBrand, about knowing your community, what it takes to do the work and serve the community, and the impact of family involvement in a child's education.
Thomas shares the story of losing and rediscovering his purpose while working in the public school system. He is known as a Workplace and School Culture Innovator and Youth Program Architect. He served as an administrator in the NYC educational system for 10 years and now works as a parent liaison in Georgia. He also knows how to empower a team and has 8 years of experience facilitating professional development.
Find Thomas Williams on YouTube (@/thomaswilliams3274)
Learn more about I'RAISE at iraiseinc.org

Thursday Aug 10, 2023

In this episode, CEO Shanequa Moore interviews former Pastor and Vice President of Clinical Services for Behavioral Health Group Samson Teklemariam who shares industry knowledge on helping individuals struggling with drug addiction.
Samson was a Pastor when he discovered a calling inside of a calling to become a Behavioral Therapist to help individuals addicted to drugs.  In this episode, Samson sheds light on the opioid crisis and reveals life-changing strategies that have helped transform the lives of thousands of individuals dealing with drug addiction.
Ms. Moore shares a personal tragedy in this episode. Samson urges Pastors and spiritual leaders to encourage their members to get the help they need in addition to praying and other spiritual techniques. Samson reveals groundbreaking ethic-centered strategies that are saving the lives of those addicted. This episode is a must for every parent, Pastor, faith-based leader, counselor, social worker, educator, and leader.
Learn more about I'RAISE at iraiseinc.org


Elevating the voices of Metro ATL!

ATL Rise is a podcast dedicated to spreading awareness on the current social issues of minorities in our Atlanta community and empowering youth to be a voice and agent of change for our beloved city by presenting solutions and alternatives to rise up and fight back against social injustice.


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